Are All Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) Inflatable?

The easy answer is…NO, not all paddle boards are inflatable. There are inflatable paddle boards and there are hard paddle boards. Hard paddle boards can also be referred to as fiberglass or epoxy paddle boards. Depending on how you want to transport and where you want to use your panel board, will determine which type of board you’ll want to get.

woman inflating paddle board

Hard Stand Up Paddle Boards

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are best for all-around use. 

  • They are easier to transport to and from the water.
  • They are easier to travel in a vehicle. You don’t need to get any racking for your vehicle.
  • They are lighter to carry.
  • The decks are softer to both stand on and when you fall.
  • They are very durable. In most cases more durable than hard boards. The majority of inflatable paddle boards come with a repair kit, but you will most likely never have to use it.
  • Inflatables are usually less expensive, but higher-end boards for more advanced paddlers can still get expensive.
hard paddle board on water

Hard Stand Up Paddle Boards

Hard stand up paddle boards are great for touring and racing.

  • They are faster as they don’t have as much drag on the water.
  • Generally, hard boards have better responsiveness with turning and holding a straight line across the water.
  • Hard paddle boards are durable but can get dings and scratches from banging into things.
  • Hard paddle boards are harder to store and travel with due to there size.
  • They usually cost more than inflatable paddle boards.

So…not all stand up paddle boards are inflatable. Over the last several years, stand up paddle boarding on inflatable boards has become more popular and because of their benefits have easily allowed more people to try the sport and get hooked on it. To continue learning, find some helpful information here about the different parts of a stand up paddle board.

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