Are Inflatable Kayaks Any Good?

Are you wondering what the benefits of buying an inflatable kayak instead of a rigid/hard kayak are? You might be surprised that there are so many differences between the two. There are some key characteristics of an inflatable kayak that make them more simplistic and portable. However, there are many other benefits such as these 10.

good inflatable kayak

Can be transported pretty much anywhere you want

Ridgid kayaks can be quite challenging to transport. They take up more space and will require vehicle racks if the kayak can’t fit inside the vehicle or truck bed. Some people are left relying on kayak rentals when they travel, many of which can be unreliable and expensive. Inflatable kayaks can easily be transported or shipped to anywhere you want.


Can easily be carried

Once you arrive at your kayaking destination you’ll need to carry your kayak to the water. Due to their lightweight design and smaller volume when deflated, inflatable kayaks are much easier to carry and maneuver to the water.


Not difficult to board

Getting into an inflatable kayak is fairly simple. Boarding can be accomplished from a dock, shore, or in the water. When boarding from the shore, take special care to avoid any sharp objects or rocks that could puncture the kayak.


Easy to store

Due to the small amount of volume that a deflated kayak takes up, they can easily be stored in a garage, basement, or closet.


Fun for quick excursions

Inflatable kayaks could never be described as a specialist boat. They’re easy for beginners to control, spacious and stable on the water, and easy to transport. All of these factors make them great for family and friend excursions.


Cheap to repair

Due to there inflatable nature, you should always try to avoid abrasions or sharp objects. But if you do have an accident, repairing a puncture is as simple as adding a patch. Most inflatable kayaks come with a patch kit included in the purchase.


Versatile designs

Inflatable kayaks have become more popular because they can be used for a variety of activities such as floating down rivers, floating across lakes, and fishing.


No need to invest in a rack or trailer

Since inflatable kayaks are designed to be easily transported, you don’t have to worry about the additional expense of purchasing a trailer or a rack to move it from one location to another.


Good control and easy reboard

Inflatable kayaks are easy to control and simple to reboard in the event you become capsized. You will have to remember to remain tied to the kayak, as they can drift in the wind.



Inflatable kayaks are manufactured to be durable. The whole outer shell is covered with abrasion and puncture-resistant materials. Most are made from high-quality nylon covered rubber making them more puncture-resistant. However, there are cheaper kayaks manufactured with lower-quality materials 1-

paddling in inflatable kayak


When you do decide to purchase in an inflatable kayak, this will allow you to explore new horizons, experience the joy of maneuvering through different waterways, whether you’re paddling on a still lake, or down a winding River, even negotiating some coastal waves. The right kayak will give you the ability to explore new sights and sounds along your route, the freedom provided makes it’s worth every cent of the investment.

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