7 Benefits of Kayaking

Some of the biggest benefits of kayaking are improved physical and mental health. Isn’t it time you took your doctor’s advice seriously and got out more often to improve your health. Kayaking is one of the most preferred ways of getting out of one’s cocoon and experiencing what the outdoors has to offer. It doesn’t come as a shock, since most people like engaging in some form of water sport during the warm months. Extreme kayakers even hit that water in the winter months.

Further, it is an activity that can be done both individually or in groups. There’s no limitation to the sport since it typically gets performed in any water mass such as lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, and oceans. Therefore, the potential of such a sport is limitless. In case you are thinking about engaging in kayaking and wondering what the health benefits of kayaking are, read on. You’ll be amazed!

benefits of kayaking

What Is Kayaking?

Kayaking is a form of boating that involves paddling a kayak (small boat) using a double-bladed oar. There are many forms of kayaks designed with specific types of kayaking in mind. Most kayaks get built for individuals but some such as the tandem kayaks get designed to hold two to three people. They are also specially designed kayaks to accommodate pets.

First-time Beginners Guide to Kayaking

Beginners should start on flat-bodied waters, meaning that the waters should be void of any strong winds and waves. Proper training gets administered in such waters to have a first-hand experience of what kayaking is all about. Otherwise, the individual’s safety lies in the balance due to harsh winds and rough water conditions. For your own safety, you’ll need to understand the various techniques involved.

Beginners should always get a checklist of what to bring on a kayaking trip. For example; your kayak, paddles, a waterproof bag, knife, a whistle, headlamp if your out after dark, and cell phone. For longer trips, throw in a backup cell phone battery or charger, GPS, towline, and floating bags.

Physical Benefits of Kayaking 

man paddling in kayak


Exercising Your Upper Body Muscles

Kayaking involves the use of arms. Therefore, the muscles around the back, neck, shoulders, chest, and core become more toned due to time used to paddle. It can take around 500 strokes to kayak a mile. That means once you get done kayaking through the water, your upper body muscles will thank you for the great exercise regimen.


Exercising Leg Muscles

You may be mistaken in thinking that kayaking tones just the upper body muscles. As much as this is true, you also significantly use your leg muscles. The rowing and balancing movements used in kayaking are just as useful on the legs as it is on the core and upper body.


Helps Your Body Burn Calories

Kayaking helps burn calories amounting to almost 500 per hour when paddling at an average speed of 5 miles per hour. Though it may seem there are better exercising regimes to burn more calories, it is much more fun than spending thirty minutes on the treadmill. Most kayaking activities take an hour or more, meaning that they burn a lot of calories per session or trip.


Improved Endurance

Kayaking improves stamina through extended kayaking hours. It helps you buildup and withstand longer workout periods without quickly getting fatigued. Studies have shown that engaging in regular low-intensity exercises like kayaking can improve energy levels by more than 20%, meaning you have increased energy levels throughout your day.


Healthy Heart

Kayaking is one of the aerobic sports that improves blood circulation in your heart. Since our muscles demand exercise, it is the only heart in our body that continually works without rest. It, therefore, craves for exercise. Your heart rate is also increased through constant paddling, improving the overall heart condition.


Mental Benefits of Kayaking


An Overall Healthy and Happy Mind

Getting into nature and enjoying the outdoor sights and sounds help relax the mind and help reduce stress. Kayaking can get you away from the day-to-day and give you something new to learn and enjoy. Kayaking can be a good opportunity to practice mindfulness.


Explore New Places

Due to the rugged build and structure of a kayak, it can go to many places that rafts or canoes can’t get to. This can allow you to explore new areas that give your mind and thoughts’ opportunities to enjoy.


Kayaking is a great way to get physical and mental exercise on the water. It is a sport that can be learned quickly and give you opportunities to get outside and enjoy the outdoors.

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