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Drycreeklake.com was designed to help you find quick information related to the lake and gear that can be enjoyed on and around the water. All of our information is focused on the new Dry Creek Lake recreational area and thoughtful outdoor gear comparisons and reviews. We hope these insights will lead you to the outdoor gear you need to enjoy the water.

Drycreeklake.com is in no way affiliated with Lehi City, Highland City, North Utah County Water Conservancy District, any Parks or Recreation Departments, or any other Government agencies or divisions. It is locally owned and operated to provide website visitors with useful information and inspire people to get outdoors.

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We love the outdoors and being close to the water. We are excited about the new lake and all the activities and events that will be held there. This lake will be an exciting new feature to the area. Our goal is to provide information to website visitors in a fast, clean, and up-to-date manner.

canoes on the sandy beach
canoes on the sandy beach

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We hope our outdoor gear guides, comparisons, and reviews provide you a fast method in finding the outdoor water gear and products that are best for you. We want to encourage people to try new fun outdoor activities. If you are already involved with a fun outdoor activity, keep on doing it. With our busy lives, we need to make time to get outdoors, relax, and spend quality time with family and friends.